The Art

The Character

From the beginning, we were challenged to create not just art that would appeal, but to bring to life the inner world and vision of our Artist. A long process of work with many variations, ideas and lines, led us to create quality and pure art that epitomizes the Artist love for his masterpiece. Now you can see the Demon Town style, which has become a symbol of our project and leads us forward to reach new heights in Art.

Design Process

It should be something more than a cool PFP, it should be our brainchild, our asset and the first impression of the project. Many sleepless nights have paid off and led us to our own NFT style. To achieve this, we placed a great deal of focus on the design of our characters. We wanted our Demons to be instantly recognisable and something that holders could proudly identify with. In the end we achieved the desired results and can proudly present you Demon Town Art.

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