Holders Benefits

Demon Town is committed to providing interesting and unique content for the community. By teaming up with the community we will maximize the impact of our goals. We will create a special vibes that will be complemented by pure art.

  1. Participation in DAO&Alpha

Each Demon Holder has the right to join a DAO. In alignment with our mission, we aim to prioritize our community needs. To accomplish this, we will be creating a DAO-focused project with various roles available (Community Managers, Alpha Hunters, Collab Managers, Moderators) for Holders that want to be involved in our project.

By becoming a Demon Town Holder, members will be able to discover many new channels in Discord where they will have access to exclusive and quality Alpha Calls from professionals in the space. These channels will include the following calls: NFT, SPL Tokens, Crypto, DeFi, AI, Memes Tokens and Gaming. Our primary goal will be to provide the information and calls that will be most useful and beneficial to the community.

  1. Passive Income

In appreciation for the commitment to the project, we will distribute 100% Royalties (Collection Royalties: 6.66% ) to Holders, this will not only allow us to show our appreciation to the community, but will also motivate members to keep as many Demons in their stockpile as possible:

1 NFT - 15% 5 NFT - 25% 15 NFT - 60%

At the end of each month we will distribute the Royalties income to the Holders, the more NFTs, the more your income!

  1. Raffels&Giveaways

Creating exciting Events, great Giveaways and Exclusive Content is what we're ready to deliver every week for our Holders. By working closely with influential and up-and-coming projects on Solana, we will ensure our Events have the biggest and best prizes for the community, which will motivate attendees to join.

  1. Access to Merch

Unique and one-of-a-kind merch from the Demon Town store. We are not aiming for mass production, this will be a limited version of exclusive merch for our Holders. At this stage, we are looking at the possibility of creating a quality Brand that can emphasize the whole team commitment to our project. Products you will find: T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats&Caps, Accessories.

Building a Town

To give everyone an understanding, the Demon Town has almost unlimited potential in scope of story and direction, with much more we’ll be expanding into as we move forward. What we have set out to accomplish, as outlined above, is the sole goal of all involved each day. By listening to suggestions from our community, gaining assistance from reputable projects, and maximizing our team broad expertise, we are able to be as clear and direct as possible with all future decisions, and turn our vision into a reality.

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